Getting to the Corn Islands



There are no direct flights from North America, or elsewhere around the world to Corn Island, however, that will be happening soon! The Big Corn Island airport has recently been upgraded to become an international airport and flights are expected to come directly from Costa Rica to Big Corn Island by late 2018.

In the meantime, you will need to fly to Managua International Airport, and from there, take a flight on La Costena airline. You MUST pre-book this flight ahead of time to ensure your seat, preferably a week or more in advance. You CAN fly standby sometimes, but flights are usually full! Their office is at the far end of the Managua international airport, so when you have a connecting flight, it's only a short walk to get there.

We can help.

If you would like Corn Island Vacations to book your La Costena flight for you, we can do that! Email us at

Research the costs and itinerary first.

Certain times of year have more affordable flight costs. Keep an eye on Expedia, Flight Centre, Red Tag, United, and your other favourite airline and vacation website for deals. 

You will likely be over-nighting somewhere along the way. If you have a stop-over for 6 hours or more, you can usually leave the airport and go poke around whatever city you happen to be in. (This is where back-packers have the advantage - no luggage to haul around with you).

Your flight costs to Managua on the major airlines will NOT include getting yourself to Big Corn Island - the flight on La Costena will be approximately $190 US per person (return back to Managua included).

By land & sea.

If you choose to go by ground from Managua, you can hop on the 'chicken bus' (and don't let anyone tell you it's an Express bus. It isn't quick.) You will likely be overnight on the bus, arriving into Bluefields around 3 or 4am, then getting on a ferry for another 5 or 6 hours (or longer, depending on water conditions).  You can also go from El Rama, which takes you on an overnight river cruise before entering the open ocean. 

Depending on water conditions, the boat takes anywhere from 12-18 hours from El Rama (it is a port south of Bluefields where you can also catch a ferry to Big Corn Island). There was also a report of the Bluefields ferry taking 13 hours because it broke down in the middle of the ocean. It's an economical way to travel, but could eat up several days' worth of vacation time. Also, you will be on the boat next to livestock being shipped to the island. They are smelly. The ocean is wavy. The sun is hot. There is no cafeteria. The port-a-potties often have a line-up and you should bring your own toilet paper! Weigh those options carefully! Also, these boats do NOT travel every day. 

Please contact Corn Island Vacations, or other contacts you may have, to inquire about the schedule before going to Bluefields or El Rama.

For an in-depth read on what this mode of travel might have in store for you, read THIS from "Stop Having a Boring Life." Rob has traveled the globe, lives on Little Corn Island and really knows what he's talking about. Costs quoted are in the Nicaragua currency "Cordobas" ($C), otherwise are listed as "US".

We HIGHLY recommend La Costena. :)