The Beaches of the Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Long Bay Beach, South End, Big Corn Island.

ALL of our beaches are PUBLIC!

Have you ever been on a caribbean vacation, strolling along the beach, and been stopped by a guard of a resort to tell you that "this area" is only for "resort guests"? That doesn't happen here. All beaches are for public use. Some hotels along the beach do charge for using their chairs/shade umbrellas or wifi, but you won't be stopped from laying out your own beach towel anywhere on the sand.

Southwest Bay Beach, where Arenas Beach Hotel, Picnic Center, and Martha's B&B are.

Our beaches are soft golden sand!

Yes we have reefs in the water in some areas around the islands. But the beaches themselves are soft.

Above: Long Bay Beach, South End, Big Corn Island.

Right: Southwest Bay Beach, Big Corn Island.

Below: Kids playing on the main beach on Little Corn Island.

Kids on the beach, Little Corn Island.

Play, Relax, Rejuvinate

No matter which island you choose, the beaches are aMAIZing!