Drifter's Claim Corn Island

Our big adventure on a little jungle oasis

Drifter's Claim is a 2-acre parcel of land with a 2-level covintec & concrete "casita" that is almost finished being built. Our long-term dream is to eventually have an outdoor bar & restaurant, and 8-10 insulated suites (4 or 5 up/down duplex style cool casitas) nestled among our amazing 2 acres of plantain, mango and banana trees in the South End near Sally Peachy area of Big Corn Island. 

This property was used by some of the original settlers on the island (slaves), who built a protective rock wall in the 1700s which is still found here today.

We had as many as 9 employees (April & May 2017), and construction has stopped only for the time being while we save up the funds required to finish the casita. We also do community volunteering such as garbage pick-up on the beaches, social media marketing to boost tourism to both islands, and in 2017 we volunteered for the week-long vet clinic "Big Corn Island Veterinary Expedition" (and then vaccinated dogs and handed out flea/tick prevention as well as antibiotics as needed until July.)

We do a large amount of cross promotion of other island businesses via websites, multiple Corn Island facebook pages (Corn Island Vacations, Corn Island Tourism, Big Corn Island Nicaragua, Travel Corn Islands, Corn Island Weddings, Corn Island Tours & Activities), as well as Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


The Early Stages


The Property

2 acres of thick jungle required a few strong guys with BIG machetes. :)

Nardo, Karel, and Mike had both acres cleared within about 8 or 9 days, all by hand with knives and a whipper snipper.

Covintec stacked, ready for installation.

The First Casita

This little house was started in April 2017 and is made from concrete and covintec (styrofoam insulated walls).

Gypsy Jo and Lillilu

Rescuing Puppies & Building Our Dream

A few rainy weeks that delayed the build didn't bring our spirits down. It gave us time to focus on saving lives and making new friends. Lillilu was a 6-week old puppy living under a house in the dirt. She was lethargic and on the brink of death when we were out on a vaccination day in the barrios, and brought her home. Today - January, 2019 - she is a healthy, happy adult! 

The Process

The first casita, Drifter's Claim Corn Island.

We Shopped Local for a Reason

While many people who build here buy their materials from the other side of the country (Managua), we wanted to contribute to Big Corn Island in a positive way, by giving people jobs, and helping the animals too. All while bringing additional tourism here to all businesses, not just ours. We used the 3 island hardware stores for almost every single item in our first casita, other than the bronze tinted glass windows. So the money it cost us to build our casita goes directly back into the community we will be living in and hopefully building a successful vacation rental business in! 

Faster Than Island Time

Construction began in April 2017 and stopped July 1, 2017 at approximately 85% completion. 

The water is connected (town water, with meter, our cost is approx $10/month), power is hooked up (our cost is approx. $30/month), the road is cleared and drive-able, and the whole 2 acres is fenced. 

Just getting water to the property was a lengthy process because 1550 feet of trench needed to be dug, BY HAND with pick axes and shovels! 

We also built an ENORMOUS septic tank that won't be full for many years.... Corn Island doesn't have a septic pumper truck yet so we needed to mitigate that issue and built a tank to hold a LOT, as well as will add a leach-field soon (definitely up to Canadian standards!).

Where We Are

Our property is located in SOUTH END on Big Corn Island. We are a 5-minute walk to the bright red "Pulperia Ruiz" grocery store, a 10-minute walk to the beach down Silver Sands Rd, a 10-minute walk to the amazing "Pulperia Forbes" store, a 12-minute walk to the green "Sally Peachy" grocery store (they have great Italian sausage!), a 15-minute walk to Long Bay beach, or if you prefer wheels to walking, in the future you'll be able to rent one of our bikes, scooters or motorbike by the day or week (rentals are not currently available). 

Future Vacation Opportunities

Once we finish the casita, you can come visit us!

Want to come see Big Corn Island? You’ll need to fly into Managua first, and then hop on what we affectionately call a puddle jumper (small plane.) Please see "How to Get Here" for more details on flights. 

Lower floor amenities: 20 x 20' room, french doors with screens, screens on all windows, queen size bed, private bathroom with toilet, sink, cold-water shower and a window, open concept kitchen area has a double sink, full size fridge, stove/oven, and outside is a covered deck (ground level). We are eco-friendly and do not have air conditioning, or cable tv. The property usually has a nice breeze and the styrofoam insulated concrete walls help keep the inside temperature very comfortable.

Upper floor amenities - when finished construction: 20 x 20' room, french doors with screens, screens on all windows, queen size bed, private bathroom, kitchen sink, bar fridge, 2-burner stove top (no oven), upper roof-top balcony with stunning view of the jungle canopy and ocean. 

We have numerous pictures and videos of the view, and the construction process, on our "Drifter's Claim Corn Island" facebook page! We are eco-friendly and do not have air conditioning or cable tv. The property usually has a nice breeze and the insulated walls help keep the inside temperature very comfortable.

Jo & Mike, the Canadian owners of Drifter's Claim Corn Island.

Jo & Mike, the Canadian owners of Drifter's Claim Corn Island.

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