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Take your time, look around, and learn about all the great places to stay when you come here. We have economical hostels, to private room bungalows in the jungle to exotic resorts on the beach. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to consider the Corn Islands for your next tropical vacation!

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Where To Stay on Big Corn Island



  • Arenas Beach Hotel (opposite the beach, private bungalows with patios & hammocks, Brig Bay)

  • Bellavista Hotel (beachfront, private rooms with private bathrooms, some with kitchenette, Brig Bay)

  • Casa Canada (oceanfront (no beach), infinity pool, private suites with private bathrooms, mini bar, South End)

  • Island Roots Hostel, South End (near Sally Peachy)

  • La Princesa de la Isla, Brig Bay (beachfront, restaurant, private rooms with private bathrooms)

  • LuLu's House, North End

  • Martha's Bed & Breakfast (beachfront, with restaurant, hotel-style rooms or private 2-bedroom bungalow)

  • Mimundo Hostel (oceanfront (no beach), some private rooms with private bathrooms, shared kitchen upstairs)

  • Paraiso Beach Hotel (197 ft from Playa Coco Beach, private bungalows & suites)

  • Picnic Center (beachfront, Picnic Beach, beside Arenas Beach Hotel, Brig Bay)

  • Sea Star Spa & Resort, South End (Long Bay beachfront, private rooms w/balcony, private bathrooms)

  • Sunrise Hotel, South End (across from Casa Canada, private hotel-style rooms with private bathrooms)


Where to Stay on Little Corn Island

Little Corn Island, conch shell on the beach.


  • Casa Iguana

  • Ensuenos (beachfront artistic individual cabins made from natural materials, shared toilets & outdoor shower, one of the original resorts on the Island with lots of personality)

  • Hotel Closer to Home (2 minute walk from the beach, private cabins with private bathrooms, fan)

  • Little Corn Beach & Bungalow (beachfront, 10 private guestrooms, private bathrooms)

  • Lobster Inn (pink hotel on the beach, private rooms on 2nd floor, each with private bathrooms, fan, tv)

  • The Lighthouse (10 minute walk from the beach up the hill, private cabins with private bathrooms, fan)

  • Three Brothers Hostel (3 minute walk from the main beach, shared kitchen, has on-site small general store)

  • Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa (beachfront, private cabins)

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